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Yet another event site?

No, Hidden Square is not about showing every event there is in town. You're may not interessted in most of them.
We carefully select the promoters, clubs and artists in order to display a well curated guide for the night.

Automatic synced

Let us do the work for you. Just enter your Facebook Fanpage and we will pull your events and keep them updated.
You can define your own rules for which event will be promoted, gets a competition or wont't be displayed at all.

Multiple promoter profiles

Are you a marketing or booking agency and manage multiple accounts? This won't be a problem.
You can create multiple promoter profiles with seperate sets of rules in seperate regions.

Add a competition

Give away tickets

A competition will engage users to interact directly with your event. They signup, recieve newsletters and the result as reminder.
You can individually define the amount of tickets and winners or change the duration for each event.

Announce the winners

Don't worry about the notifications. We will equaly draw winners, notify every participant via email, push notification or text message.
You will also recieve a print ready PDF guestlist via email and all winners as text message.

Highlight an event

Be part of our newsletter

Your event can be announced in our weekly email mailing.
Add a competition to your event and a spot in mailing prior the event will be save.

Badges, Top of the lists

We pick events of interest and promote those to the top of the list or add a badge.
Just talk to us and explain, why your event should be one of our picks.

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Add events, enable competitions or create promoter profiles.

If you're having any questions, just drop us a line.

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